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Pike’s Waterfront Lodge
1850 Hoselton Rd,
Fairbanks, AK 99709.

Monday March 4th , 2013 | BP Center, Anchorage, AK

The Alaska Department of Natural Resources will offer a 3 hour training session on the new Well Log Tracking System (WELTS). Improvements to the system are progressing rapidly and new features will become available within calendar year 2013.

This new tool will contain both tabular (figure 1) and map viewer (figure 2) interfaces. The system is more robust and will permit end users to conduct advanced, multi-parameter searches and queries. This course will cover topics on conducting multi-parameter searches and queries in the tabular graphical user interface and conducting queries with the map viewer. Participants should bring laptops for interactive exercises on the map viewer.

Figure 1. Tabular graphical user interface for conducting multi-parameter searches and queries.

Figure 2. Map viewer provides the ability to view the spatial distribution of wells, zoom in to a particular location, and perform queries.

Questions? Contact Melissa Hill at ADNR.