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Congratulations 2007 Awards Winners!

Each year the Georgia Section of the American Water Resources Association and GAWP Stormwater Committee recognize award winners for implementation an outstanding water resources projects or stormwater program. This year, our award winners were recognized at the Georgia Water Resources Conference in Athens on March 27, 2007.† We'd like to send out a heartfelt congratulations to each of our winners!

  • The McDaniel Farm Stream Restoration and Buffer Enhancement Project implemented by the Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources was recognized as the 2007 Water Resources Project of Excellence.  The McDaniel Farm Park stream restoration project involved 1,260 feet of Rosgen Priority 1 and 2 stream restoration, spot repairs in about 165 feet of channel, preservation of approximately 775 feet stream channel in good condition, riparian zone enhancement along 4,714 feet of channel which included exotic species control, and replanting with native species. 

  • Gwinnett County Storm Water Management Division was recognized as the 2007 Phase I Outstanding Stormwater Management ProgramThe judges noted that Gwinnettís Watershed Improvement Planning effort is very impressive in scale, reaching from county-wide to the small watershed level, and noted an excellent start to implementation is becoming a reality.  

  • The Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County Stormwater Management Program was recognized as the 2007 Phase II Outstanding Stormwater Management Program. In addition to noting ACC excellence in public involvement and participation, the judges also noted the programís successful post-construction storm water control measures, such as Mass Grading and Environmental Area Ordinances which are hugely effective at both preventing and mitigating nonpoint source pollution, and the mandatory pre-application meeting to encourage better site design practices at the beginning of a project. 

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The Georgia Section of AWRA holds monthly luncheon meetings in coordination with the stormwater
committee of the Georgia Association of Water Professionals (GAWP).  GAWRA operates as a Section of GAWP, which serves as an umbrella organization for all of Georgiaís water professionals.  Our  Atlanta-area meetings are held at various locations in the metro area.  

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