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The National Hydrologic Data (NHD) Geospatial Highlights - September 2014 Newsletter

NHD Picture  NHD Geospatial Highlights  is an effort to bridge the gap between data users and geospatial modeling
efforts. Spatial data can be used in a multitude of ways. The 
National Hydrologic Data (NHD) is fast
becoming a standard national dataset used 
by those involved in water resource management tied to
delivering ecological 
services. In an effort to broaden the user base and thus the use of NHD this is an
to apprise, educate and support end-user modeling needs.

For inquiries regarding this newsletter please contact Ralph Campbell and Elizabeth Zeiler

***September 2014 NHD Newsletter***


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Gila River  Previous Talk:   

 To Build or Not to Build the New Mexico Unit on the Gila River:
 A Debate on the Proposed Projects under the Arizona Water Settlements Act

  Craig Roepke - New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission
  Norm Gaume - Self-Employed Consulting Engineer ***Event Slides***


2014 Board of Directors

President: Beth Salvas
Vice President: Colleen Rust
Treasurer and Secretary: Annelia Tinklenberg
Membership Chair: Phillip Rust       

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