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oregonblueWelcome to the WWW site of the Oregon Section of the American Water Resources Association! Thank you for visiting.

The Oregon Section (ORAWRA) of the American Water Resources Association (AWRA) is one of over 30 state/regional affiliates of the national organization. The ORAWRA was created in July 2009 by five of us – David Gilbey, Brenda O. Bateman, James Ruff, Anne Savery, and myself - who were members of the national AWRA and saw the need for a similar association at the state level.  

So what need does ORAWRA satisfy? You may be wondering about or questioning the need for another water association in Oregon. So why exactly did we form ORAWRA? Perhaps that can be best summed up in three words: community, conversation, connections.

What distinguishes ORAWRA from many other water associations is that we value and seek the many voices – all, in fact – of water. We do not supplant the other organizations, but complement them. Our members reflect the broad community of water professionals: scientific, engineering, policy, management, social, economic, legal, etc. And although ORAWRA operates independently of the national organization, we reflect its motto - community, conversation, connections – and its commitment to multidisciplinary water resources research, practice, management, policy, and education.

The national organization is the foremost multidisciplinary water resources organization in the USA and we here at ORAWRA strive to emulate the AWRA and implement its credo at the state level. To that end, we anticipate sponsoring a number of events – meetings, afternoon/evening presentations, workshops, etc. - that reflect and benefit the entire water resources community. Each event will provide ample opportunities for conversation and connections. We will also use social media – Twitter and Facebook – to inform our members and the larger water community.

Oregon has many water problems and issues facing it. The ORAWRA will be an active participant in addressing these. I hope you decide to join ORAWRA, contribute to and benefit from the aforementioned three Cs, and help us enhance the water discourse in Oregon. You do not need to be a member of the national organization to join ORAWRA. Rest assured we will be honored to have you.

Thanks again for visiting us and following us on Twitter and Facebook. Please do not hesitate to contact me with your suggestions, comments, etc. (aquadoc@oregonstate.edu)


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